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To me, this video represents the importance of understanding your audience and creating a strong message designed for them. The video is all right, but it is by no stretch of the imagination the greatest, most imaginative video created, but it is effective because of what is says.

The video is designed for Ultimate players and as a result manages to create a strong message based on the core values, desires and motivations of Ultimate players. I watch this video and I feel inspired, I am reminded why I love this sport and I am reminded what I can achieve.

What about other people watching this video? Well they might ask why on earth those eejits are chasing a disc around a field!

Welcome to 2012! If we believe the Mayans then we may witness the end of the world, or otherwise we may just live another of many years to come. Either way if 2011 is anything to go by this could be another dramatic, heartbreaking, interesting, amazing, educational year.

2011 was a brilliant year; I learnt a lot, met fascinating people and have experienced amazing things.

I’ve chosen three new year resolutions to share with you to ensure 2012 is an absolutely brilliant year.

  1. Read more books. I love reading a lot, from books, to newspapers, magazines and even the back of a cereal packet. There is rarely a moment where I am not reading, however I am reading a lot less books these days which I feel is a shame. So my first resolution is to read a lot more from books. I love crime thrillers and satirical fiction so if anyone can recommend great books in these genres it would be great. Also I’d love to read more industry related books so if anyone has recommendations I would also appreciate that and might even review them on this blog.
  2. Obtain some great placements. I am currently looking for short term PR placements and a placement year opportunity beginning from this summer. It is a little bit daunting but more than anything it is extremely exciting. This year I want to get some great placements particularly looking at Healthcare, B2B and Internal Communications. Hopefully I will be able to bring you news about some great placements on this blog.
  3. Improve my Ultimate Frisbee skills. I have made no secret of my involvement in my university’s Ultimate Frisbee team and my house is testament to this with numerous discs and trails of mud leading to well used boots. However the reality is I’m shamefully bad at playing the game. Up to now I have used multiple excuses from being too busy to an old ankle fracture but I now have physio treatment and my list of excuses is disappearing quickly. 2012 is my Frisbee year! Through a combination of nutrition, fitness and determination I hope that by the end of this year I will no longer be embarrassed to admit I am not a beginner at the sport. I also hope to play in Leeds varsity and show those Uni boys that they no longer dominate the sport!

Undoubtedly I will continue to update my blog with the developments of my resolutions. I would also be really interested in hearing from my readers what their resolutions are. Are you doing something crazy like jumping out a plane? Or is this year going to be the year you take up running? I would love to know.


English: ultimate frisbee pictogram

When it comes to big names within the Ultimate Frisbee world Brodie Smith is undoubtedly one of the biggest and for good reason! His videos have the ability to amaze players and non-players alike.

Brodie has worked hard to gain attention for the sport so it is great to see him gain international coverage from his latest amazing video when it went viral, even featuring in our own Daily Mail.

The amazing video which can be seen below had over two million views when I published this, which is great awareness for Brodie and ultimately the sport!

Even if you have no interest in throwing discs I would recommend you watch some of his other amazing videos because they are simply amazing! Especially this special basketball feature.

If any Leeds Met students watching these videos have been inspired watching the videos come and try out the university team, although I can’t promise much catching from boats.

Ultimate Frisbee is one of the UK’s fastest growing sport and with it gaining great media coverage it is exciting to see how the sport will continue to develop and grow.

Ultimate Frisbee at Leeds Varsity

Not particularly one for sport, I had no idea whether I would actually enjoy Leeds Varsity last Wednesday. I need not have worried, there is something about the buzz in the air that fuels the rivalry between Leeds’ universities which means even the least sporty of people can still enjoy it.

This was the first Leeds Varsity I’ve actually been to (despite having lived in Leeds during two others) and it was also very special as it was the first year Ultimate Frisbee was featured. Leeds Met Ultimate Frisbee team was only established last year, whereas the Leeds University team is significantly more established.

It was a brilliant game, and Leeds Met surpassed my expectations. Perhaps I should have had more faith in my team but I had heard such great things about Leeds Uni’s team. There were some spectacular plays, especially considering the wind and I am very positive about our chances in upcoming competitions. Hopefully we will get a chance to play Leeds Uni again later in the year after some more training sessions together.

I was also very proud of our supporters. While there were less of us than there were of Leeds Uni (we were on their pitches straight after their training session) we still managed to make the most noise while remaining spirited.

Again, my photography skills may be called into question, as this is the only reasonable picture I actually have from the day, but hopefully James, our resident team photographer, will be able to supply us with more later.

We now have a very exciting weekend as the team set off to Manchester to play in a beginner’s tournament! It will be a chance for our newer players to get a good feel of the game that we all love and the community associated with Ultimate Frisbee.

Update: James has now put up his significantly better photography, view it on his Facebook page.

Freshers' Fair Stand

Here is a picture of a few of the Leeds Met Ultimate Frisbee team setting up our stand at the AU Freshers’ Fair. Unfortunately I can’t find my camera so I do not have a picture of the stand all set up.

We were present at both of Leeds Met’s Freshers’ fairs last week and they were very busy, intense days. Having said this, it was great fun and we had a lot of interest in the Ultimate Frisbee team.

It is only the second year of the team but we have high hopes and are looking forward to playing in lots of tournaments, competing hard and having lots of fun.

We welcome all level of players from complete novice to world champion and any for Leeds Met students interested in trying out the sport we have a FREE taster session on Saturday 01 October in the Green Sports Hall on the Headingley campus. Alternatively turn up to any training session, join the Facebook group for details.

Update: Found the camera, here is our very squished stand at the City Centre campus.

Tight squeeze at City Campus Freshers' Fair

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