Five great things about my course

Top5I finished my PR course two weeks ago – four years of PR education have finally come to an end. As I adjust to life post-university I reflected on five things great things about my PR course at Leeds Met.

1) Professional recognition 

Leeds Met is a PRCA partner university, and the course is CIPR accredited, meaning that it has been designed to meet the needs of the PR industry.

We’re also eligible for CIPR membership and this has given us access to a number of events and lectures as well as online resources.

2) Placements

The course emphasises the benefits of undertaking placements throughout the course, this includes the option of a 12 month placement year.

Some of the most important lessons I’ve learnt have been out of the classroom and placements nicely complement the course. We’re assessed every year on our placement work through our professional portfolios which are great for showing at interviews.

3) Competition opportunities

PR students are given the opportunity to enter a number of competitions throughout their degree. The annual Claire Mascall PR prize offered the opportunity to answer a complicated brief. Final year students also get the chance to do a competitive pitch to a PR agency.

4) Vocational modules

The competitive pitch module was one of my favourites of my course. There were some great vocational modules, another of my favourites was the communications audit, we got the opportunity to work with a client, in our case a York-based charity, to solve a communications problem. It was very challenging, but by far the most rewarding module we did.

leedsmet5) Knowledgeable tutors

I couldn’t write a post about my university experience without mentioning the tutors. The course has a great range of teaching staff from PR backgrounds. They know their stuff, and their enthusiasm for PR is infectious.


Next week I’ll answer the important question… what do you actually learn on a PR course?

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