How to survive the final month of uni – the top five things!

Top5It’s the final push, university is all over in under a month. Four years of studying is all about to finish, but this means that I’m busier than ever. There’s no time to live a normal life, sleeping, relaxing, even exercising time is rationed.

So what is getting me through this last month?

1) The library

I’ve always felt at home in my library, but by now I know it extremely well. I am grateful for the logical filing system, the online resources, the computer labs, and the fantastic staff teams during the day, and security at night.

2) My friends!

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in the past four years, it’s that the PRM group are fantastic! It’s great to go into university and meet up with a group of people who are happy to motivate and help me when I need it. Hopefully they feel that I return the favour!

It’s also a great help speaking to people who are completely uninvolved in university, they remind you to switch off occasionally!

3) Post-it notes

I’m busy keeping post-it notes and Sharpies in business at the moment. My text books, computer, desk, entire room(!) are covered in a selection of brightly coloured pieces of paper all sporting important nuggets of information. A combination of post-it notes and lists work for me, but finding your method of organisation is really key while at university.

The pressure is on! An accurate representation of my effort during final semester

The pressure is on! An accurate representation of my final semester

4) Ready made sandwiches

There’s no time to make food at the moment, I’m living off ready made egg and cress from Tesco!

5) Caffeine and sugar

I am now an expert in all types of high energy drinks, whether it be Red Bull, Relentless, Monster, or a supermarket own version, I’ve probably had it, and I could definitely give you a rating on its effectiveness.

What is helping, or helped, to get you through the final month of university?

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