My five favourite UK based industry blogs

Top5When I was young and first learnt about websites I decided that I wanted my own. I wanted to use it to write stories and poetry, little did I know that this would become a reality and that I would find myself sharing my stories with the world via a blog.

I love blogs, they offer me with content to keep my brain occupied, and introduce me to new ideas and concepts I would never have considered.

Online PR magazine, Behind the Spin recently began featuring its pick of student blog posts and this got me thinking about some of my favourite industry blogs which I regularly read, and happily recommend. This is just a small snapshot of the UK based PR blogging world, but it offers a good starting point if you want to read more industry blogs.

1) All Things IC

I first mentioned Rachel Miller’s blog in 2012 when it was known as Diary of an Internal Communicator. Since then this blog has continued to grow and develop, Rachel regularly updates it with fantastic, relevant content. I find myself visiting the site up to several times a week which is great for a blog.

I have worked in internal communication and it forms the basis of my dissertation, so perhaps my interest is because of my experience. However, this blog certainly isn’t limited to IC practitioners, it offers great articles for any communication professional.

2) Stephen Waddington

Another blog featuring on my subscription list is that of Stephen Waddington. The current CIPR President ensures his blog is regularly updated with really great information about the PR profession and environment.

3) GreenBanana

Heather Yaxley’s blog features a lot of great information and opinion on PR. A lot of the articles posted are ideal for people studying CIPR courses, helping to develop their understanding alongside academic textbooks and journals.

She also has a fantastic 500 word guide to Grunig’s Excellence Theory, which has been endlessly helpful when I’ve been worn out by textbooks on the subject.

It’s not all academic though, and the blog features a lot of really interesting articles ranging over a variety of PR topics.

4) PR Examples

If you want to keep up with the stunt side of PR (and why wouldn’t you!), PR Examples is brilliant. It is updated with what it deems to be the best PR stunts.

Again, for students, this is a great site if you’re struggling to keep up to date with case studies for your course. For everyone though, it offers the opportunity to make sure you haven’t missed out on the latest crazy stunt.

5) Behind the Spin

Finally I had to feature an old favourite of mine, Behind the Spin. The online magazine is written for (and by) PR students and young practitioners. It offers a great opportunity for students to contribute and share their knowledge and experience of PR with the world – shamefully an opportunity I haven’t yet taken.

The site is full of little gems, including news, reviews, opinion pieces and work experience reports.

If you are interested in reading more student blogs, PR at Leeds Business School showcases blog posts written by PR students at Leeds Met.


So those are my top 5 industry blogs. What do you think of my selection? Do you think I’ve missed any important blogs? I’d love to hear from you, and please feel free to share your own blogs in the comment section.

Update: It was pointed out to me that all the blogs featured are UK based, and this is because the majority of my reading is based in the UK. However, PR is a global environment, Inkybee features a list of 60 of the best PR blogs in the world which is a great place to start on the quest for international reading. Perhaps in the future I will feature my top worldwide industry blogs.Thanks to Judy Gombita for the link!

A suggested post – Cision’s Top 10 PR Blogs

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  1. Thanks for the mention. You have an open invitation to write for Behind the Spin – but relationships go two ways and we’re already featuring you on our ‘best of’ round up as you know.

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