Talking about Pinterest

English: Red Pinterest logo

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Every so often a website comes along and takes the world by storm, but the way Pinterest has sprung up from relative anonymity to the hottest social network feels quite unique.

I am ashamed to say when I first came across the site, six or so months ago, I simply did not get the point. Its purpose appeared to be so fashion bloggers could share shoes. Later I signed up for an account, and then finally when the site got its recent blast of interest I jumped on the bandwagon. And guess what? I frequently repin pictures of shoes!

So other than to share shoes, what is the purpose of Pinterest? I decided to share some of the best articles I have read recently about the site and its potential usages.

That is just a sample of the many useful and interesting articles which share brilliant information and ideas about making use of Pinterest. So the big question, is Pinterest here to stay? What do you think?

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