Save the Hobbit

I visited the Hobbit in Southampton some years ago, and while the night itself is hazy (not necessarily as a result of alcohol, rather the length of time that has since elapsed), the place made its impression on me and I was enchanted. So, when I heard that the pub was facing legal action from the Saul Zaentz Company, a Hollywood company holding the rights to many of  Tolkien’s works, I was as shocked as many of the other fans of the pub were. They were being to asked, or should I say told, to rebrand an image they have had for 20 years, an image key to the identity of the pub.

The support for the Hobbit has been remarkable, from almost 50,000 fans on their Facebook, over 6,000 on their Twitter and several celebrity supporters including Gandalf (or Sir Ian Mckellen to non-middle earthians) and Stephen Fry.

According to reports the Saul Zaentz Company is willing to offer a licensing agreement to the pub. However the campaign clearly is not over according to their own page.

It seems that this whole thing could turn out to be advantageous to the pub, as long as they are able to retain their name. With new support from huge celebrities and new UK/Worldwide coverage, they could see themselves benefit from a boost to business, particularly with the release of the Hobbit film. As a one-time customer who fell slightly in love with the place I completely support the success of this campaign and I hope that the hobbit succeeds versus the evil of Mordor! Now excuse me as I start a 12hour LOTR marathon!


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  1. Claire Hodson said:

    I really hope the Hobbit doesn’t have to comply with stupid lawsuits being thrown at them by Hollywood! You’d think they would have other issues to be concerned about rather than a pub in Southampton. Being a student in the city, I have never actually been inside the pub but friends of mine have and I believe they make character based cocktails… sounds pretty cool to me! Fingercrossed with the support of celebrities and the general public, the pub will stay named The Hobbit!… maybe I need to go visit, sounds like you had a great time there! :D

    • Rachel said:

      Hey, thanks for the comment Claire. Have you seen the latest update from the campaign:
      “Good Evening Hobbits,
      Just a very quick update.
      I have just received a telephone call from Stephen Fry’s business partner.
      Stephen Fry and Ian McKellen will be visiting the Hobbit Pub sometime after filming is completed and they have even offered to pay for the license fee.
      How aewsome are these guys?”

      How cool is that! Hopefully it will survive this in all its hobbity goodness! I’m shocked you haven’t been, get yourself down there! I’ve only been to Southampton once, and it’s pretty cool as a city!

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